The Poor Investor

Investigatory Value Investing


The Basics:

Money and Investing: The Very Basics:

I.  A great resource for investing and money basics (website)

II.  Compound interest (video) and also the Rule of 72 (video)

III.  A guide to basic financial literacy (article)

Investing Fundamentals:

I.  What is a stock? (video)

II.  History of the market and some basic terms (article)

III.  What really is a stock’s price?  What is market capitalization?  (video)

IV.  What is meant by earnings per share? (video)

V.  What is a price-to-earnings ratio? (video)

VI.  More on the price-to-earnings ratio (video)

VII.  How useful is the price-to-earnings ratio? (video)

VIII.  A comprehensive guide to the basics of investing (article)


I.  What is an income statement? (video)

II.  Basics of a company’s balance sheet (article)

III.  “How to Read a Financial Report”  provided by Merrill Lynch (pdf)

Developing an Investing Philosophy:

I.  ”Track Record is Everything” by Warren E. Buffett (article)


I.  “The Wisdom of Great Investors” by Davis Advisors (pdf)

II.  Summary of “One Up on Wall Street” by Peter Lynch (pdf)

Developing an Investing Philosophy:

I.  Types of investing (article)

II.  What is value investing?  Does it work? (article)

III.  Are value investing and growth investing the same thing? (article)

IV.  “The Warren Buffett Way” (part one and two)


I.  “What Has Worked In Investing” by Tweedy, Browne LLC (article)

—-50 studies of historically successful investment characteristics and approaches

II.  O’Shaughnessy’s strategies sorted by downside risk, least to most risky (article) (my blog post)

—-full list of “What Works on Wall Streetsupplemental material

III.  “The Financial Crisis: Understanding It to Overcome It” (article)


One response to “Education

  1. Nick Gogerty March 26, 2012 at 5:31 pm

    Nice educational page. You have done a good job of curating quality content into a useful resource.

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