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Monthly Archives: August 2013

Great Speech by Former PNC CEO

Jim Rohr speaks at CMU

Few Highlights:

On success:
-Showing up, working hard is a key to success
-Luck is also a big part of success
-Innovation and forward-thinking is key to any business succeeding

On banking/finance:
-Dodd-Frank has WalMart clause
-Money, virtually none is physically at banks
-“Too big to fail” or not big enough to protect itself?
-Deficit is a huge problem, the US dollar could no longer be the global currency soon

On society:
-Uses the internet the most: less than 30 and greater than 70 year-olds
-Every $1 spent on early childhood education gives society back $17-$27
-Biggest predictor of ending up in jail, 3rd grade literacy level
-Next “Pearl Harbor” will be a cyber attack

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